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         Can we answer any more questions?

Feel free to contact us to request a price quote. We would also be pleased to answer any other questions regarding the engagement of our musicians.

If you should choose to hire the ensemble, our process is quick and simple.  Signed contracts will usually be emailed or faxed out the same day. 


For further information please contact:

John Tuck, Director Phone: (847) 328-7831


Mailing Address:

John Tuck, Director of Amadeus Consort
331 Sherman Ave. #3
Evanston, IL 60202



If you are making a deposit to validate a contract, you may send the funds by check to the address above or make a credit card payment through the following PayPal Payments link:

If you are making a credit card payment, please  provide the contract ID number when identifying what the payment is for.  In addition, please list the purchaser's name if it differs from the name on the credit card.