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Instrumentations & Ensemble Size 

Traditional String Configurations

These instrumental combinations are recommended for chamber music concerts & wedding ceremonies - and generally fulfill the needs for most casual engagements quite well. 

  • String Trio: 2 violins and violoncello (or violone)
  • String Quartet: 2 violins, viola and violoncello (or violone)
  • String Quintet: 2 violins, viola, violoncello and double bass

Strings with Piano

Ensemble groupings that include piano are also available to perform for private concerts, casual engagements and weddings. Typical recommendations are:

  • Violin and Piano Duo
  • Piano Trio: violin and piano with violoncello :  Wedding Ceremonies and Concerts - Classical and Romantic works
  • Piano Trio: violin and piano with bass: Wedding Ceremonies and Banquets - Light Classical, Pops and Standards
  • Piano Quartet (2 violins, piano and bass) : for Baroque & Classical music, as well as casual entertainment (Jazz to Broadway)
  • Primarily Pops: Larger Groupings including strings, winds, piano, bass and drums can be arranged.

Note: In situations where an accoustic piano is not available, a digital piano can be provided upon request for a nominal additional charge.

- Trio Sonata Configurations (4 musicians) - for traditional Baroque Music

  • Two Violins and Continuo (harpsichord and violoncello, viola da gamba or double bass)
  • Oboe, Violin and Continuo
  • Flute, Violin and Continuo

- Concert String Ensemble: 12 to 15 musicians

Our large string ensemble is available for performances in concert halls and theaters.  The actual number of musicians will vary with the repertoire and performance space. Churches and choral organizations may also hire the ensemble to perform along side their choirs.

- Soloists:  


Solo concert performers are available with or without accompanying ensembles or pianists. Unaccompanied performers may be requested for special religious services or weddings, where short solo works are being requested, or where either an accompanist or an accompanying ensemble is being provided.

- Other Instruments, Larger Ensembles and Singers: